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Selecting quality child care is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Take the right first step...

A highly trained, friendly child care professional will help guide you through the next steps. They will need the following information from you to enable them to search our database of child care providers. Please provide this information via the form at the bottom of this page.

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  1. A criminal record check for anyone in the home who is over the age of twelve.
  2. A current first aid certificate
  3. A doctor's letter confirming that the provider is both physically and emotionally able to care for children.
  4. Two character references from someone who is not a relative, and who has observed the applicant interacting with children.
  5. If the provider is renting the home, a letter from the landlord giving permission for the applicant to provide care for children on the premises.
  6. A home safety assessment conducted by our CCRR program staff.
  7. Child Care Resource & Referral strongly recommends careproviders carry liability insurance coverage.
  8. Require 20 hours of Family Child Care Training before or during the first 2 years on our registry, and 6 hours per year after that.

Statement of Responsibility

Child Care Resource & Referral programs provide referrals, not recommendations, to child care facilities. We can provide you with names of persons or facilities that may be suitable for your child care needs. It is your responsibility to determine whether the care provider meets your specific requirements. A good match for you and your child can only be determined by you.

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