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Queen Charlotte Islands CCRR
Toy and Theme Box Lending Library

1) Anatomically Correct Babies- Boy and Girl - Accurate models of newborn babies, complete with diapers and clothing.

2) Camping Theme Box- Tent, fishing rods and 9 fish, binoculars

3) Community Helper Theme Box- Police, Nurse, Construction Worker, firefighter costumes. Block Play People. Posters. Listening Lotto Game. Flash Cards. Programing Ideas.

4) Dental Health Theme Box- Large model of teeth, large toothbursh.

5) Dinosaur Theme Box I- 12 large Dinosaurs. 7 small Dinosaurs. 48 Dinosaur counters. Dinosaur Memory Match. 4 Dinosaur puzzles. Book- Children's Guide to Dinosaurs. 2 Flannel Board Stories with Felt Pieces.

6) Dinosaur Theme Box II- 24 Dinosaur Counters in a case. Jumbo foam stamps and stamp pad, 2 Dinosaur puppets, 6 Dinosaur figures with matching skeletons. Dinosaur concentration game. Book Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs. Activity Guide

7) Gears, Gears, Gears- Plastic meshing Gears, Pillars, Cranks, Connectors and Interlocking Plates. Appropriate for children 3+

8) Golf Set- 2 Golf Clubs and Balls. Tees. Tunnel, Wickets, Turret and Bridge. Flags

9) Infant Toddler box- Pop Up Pals, Shape Sorting Turtle, Change Around Truck, Stacking Pull Along Animals

10) Insect Theme Box- Small plastic centipedes, flies, grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions, cockroaches, snails. Magifying jars, Habitat bucket with tweezers, Insect adult and baby set: ladybug, praying mantis, flying ants, scorpion, dragonfly, grasshopper, ant, spiders, bee, housefly, beetle. Insect shaped sponge for sponge painting. Ant house. Activity guide. Books: It's Good Thing There are Insects, Bugs Bugs Bugs, What Do Insects Do? Buterfly, Spider Names, What is and Insect? Where Do Insects Live?

11) Listening Center- Tape player/recorder, Headphone Jack box with volume control, 4 Headphones with volume control, Tape and book sets: The Wheels on the Bus, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Do Your Ears Hang Low, The Hat, Jillian Jiggs, the Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs, Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue, Froggy Eats Out, Mmm Cookies, there was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.

12) Magnetic Wand Activityu Kit- 6 Magnetic Wands, 10 Marbles, 1 Bag Counting Chips, 1 Bag Steel Muggets, 1 Clear Plastic Case of Iron Filings, Book: The Magnetic Wand Discovery Guide.

13) Multicultural Theme Box- 5 Families: Asian, White Black, First Nations, Hispanic (8 people in each family), 6 Differing Abilities People: Girl in wheel chair, Woman with a white cane, Boy with forearm Crutches, Man with Leg Braces, Elderly Women with Walker, Boy with Hearing Aid. 6 Puzzles. Social Sequence Cards. Health Habits Posters. Social Studies Photo Library. Multicultural Kids Posters. Programming Ideas. Books: Tools, Hats Hats Hats, Shoes Shoes Shoes.

14) Music Box I- 1 set of boomwackers, 1 music bag: 2 maracas, 2 sandpaper blocks, 2 wooden block with wooden mallet, 1 triangle with red bead holder and metal mallet, 1 set sastanets, 2 sets of jingle bells, 1 set of red rhythm sticks. 1 chicken shaker egg

15) Music Box 2- 1 set of 8 Melodee Bells, 1 music bag: 2 maracas, 2 sandpaper blocks, 2 wooden blocks with wooden mallet, 1 triangle and mallet, 1 set castanets, 2 sets of jingle bells, 1 set of rhythm sticks.

16) Nutrition Theme box- 36 fruit counters, fruit basket with: orange, pear, banana, lime, pineapple, melon, apples, peach, plum, lemon, strawberries. Vegetable basket with: corn, tomato, pepper, ushrooms, potato, cucumber, eggplant, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, cauliflower, green pepper and onion. Bread basket with: bolillo, tortilla, baguettes, bread sticks, bagel, croissant, round loaf, seeded rolls, muffins and roll. Fruit puzzle (wooden) , food puzzle (wooden)

17) Ocean Theme box- 15 plastic ocean animals, wales, manatee, walrus, dolphin, shark stingray, squid, seal, sea lion. 60 fish counters. Fishing set. Under the sea lace and trace set. Posters: Recreational fish of Canada, Seals, Marine Invertegrates of British Columbia. Book- Commotion in the Ocean.

18) Ocean Theme box 2- Ocean animals: Humpback Whale, Star fish, Crab, shrimp, and large sea shell. Shell collection, tropical fish counters, sea life stencils, stamp pade and ink set, book- my visit to the aquarium, activity guide.

19) Popoids construction set- 74 pieces long flexible pieces, round pieces, face shapes, people bodies, animal bodies.

20) Rainbow blocks- 14 geometric shaped hardwood blocks with coloured plexiglass windows. Help children explore the essence of light and colour.

21) Science box 1- 4 Magnetic Wands, 12 magnetic marbles, 54 small magnetic marbles, 4 magnifying glasses, glow in the dark stars, planets etc. hook and sinker pieces, tornado tube, book- taming the tornado tube.

22) Table toys box 1- Lacing frogs and activity cards, small peg board set, wooden block set (39 pieces) sound blocks matching game

23) Toddler toys box 1- tap and turn bench and hammer, shape sorting boat, fill and spill puppet and 3 shapes, suplo set, pop car, 2 music shakers, books- touch and feel ponies, my 1st board book.

24) Toddler toys box 2- Tomy Train Set- engine and 4 cars, geometric shape board with 5 shapes, tap and turn bench and hammer, 2 music shakers, bell and clip clap, duplo blocks (20) books- wake up frog, seeing shapes

25) Train set- boxes for trains- tracks, trees, platform, 24 train pieces, crane, fork lift, railway crossing sign and traffic light stand (plastic)

26) Transportation set-

27) Veterinarian Kit- dog carrier, toy dog, dog supplies food, tag, dish, comb etc. Vet supplies, clamp, dlipboard, scissors, ear examiner, thermometer, syringe, stethoscope etc.

28) Wild Animal theme box- 24 felt animals, 19 plastic animals.

29) Two children bikes.

30) Firefighter theme box

31) Safety Theme box

32) High chair

33) Children's plastic rocker

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