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Referral Service

As a child care provider in our community, your child care setting can be listed for referrals.

After gathering pertinent information on Licensed providers or screening* Licence-not-required providers we include you on our referral list.

As we receive calls from parents we create a file for them and their information is processed and referrals are made to care providers based on a parents needs and a providers services.

It is extremely important that you contact our program whenever you have any changes to your child care program such as vacancies or hours, as this allows us to give current and accurate referrals to parents seeking child care.

* Screening License not Required (LNR) child care providers

Registration with the Child Care Resource & Referral Program:

To register with a Child Care Resource & Referral program you will need to be at least 19 years of age, comply with regulations regarding the number of children you care for, undergo criminal record checks on all persons in your home over age 12, provide character references, produce a current First Aid Certificate, undergo a personal and home assessment, agree to visits from CCRR staff, agree to inform CCRR staff of any investigation involving child abuse or significant risk to the well being of children. You must also be willing to attend a minimum of 2 child care related workshops/training per year.

Statement of Parental responsibility:

The Child Care Resource and Referral Program is a support and referral service for families and child care providers. The names of the child care providers are provided to families by request and are in no way a recommendation of the service provided by the particular care provider. The parent(s) has the responsibility for ensuring that the child care arrangement ultimately chosen is suitable for the family’s needs.

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